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FIT 4 LESS USA LLC – Warranty Information

Standard manufacturers warranty and any added warranty coverage purchased through Fit 4 Less USA is non transferable and is valid for the original owner only. Free Extended Lifetime Parts Warranty are eligible for a one time owner transfer.

Fit 4 Less USA agrees to cover all billable hours of labor on free lifetime warranties. In some cases, if a customer is located in a remote area a trip fee may be required to have a Certified Fitness Equipment Technician drive to your home. Customer is responsible for the trip fee if applicable.

All of our quality fitness products have been discounted to guarantee you the lowest price in the entire country. Virtually every product on our site that is sold to both residential and non residential settings shall automatically receive a Free Lifetime Extended Mechanical Parts Warranty valued at $1,500 – $2,500 as stated on our website. All warranties are contingent upon parts and/or products being available from the manufacturer. To achieve our industry leading low prices, we anticipate that a large percentage of orders are sold to consumers for residential use. In these settings, most new products come with a one year labor warranty and some products have greater than one year labor warranty coverage (see manufacturer’s warranty document that comes with product for specific coverage). Additionally, there are varying manufacturer part warranties up to Lifetime coverage as stated in each product’s warranty documents. Naturally, if a product is used in a commercial setting, it will be subjected to greater wear and tear and therefore, our reduced sale prices for equipment sold to non residential settings include a labor and part warranty on select products whereby the manufacturer specifically includes such warranty in their warranty documents. We do not build a large cost buffer into our prices to cover future commercial service like other fitness companies who charge much higher prices than we do. If we did this, customers would be paying up to twice the prices we offer which is the case with other fitness companies. If a product does not come with a commercial labor or part warranty, customers may purchase up to three years of additional on site labor for virtually every product on our site at a very reasonable cost when placing order. If a product is outside of the U.S., customer is responsible for international shipping of all free parts. As an added convenience, all electrical parts which are not covered by our Free Lifetime Parts Warranty are available for purchase at reduced prices for all of our valued customers.

Coverage is as follows:

Treadmills – Lifetime Mechanical Parts Warranty – Neglect and failure to perform routine maintenance, belt alignments, etc. voids warranty. Running belts are not covered under warranty. Customer is responsible for aligning belt so that it does not drift to the side and fray as this is not covered under warranty nor is other neglect, tears, spills, cuts, etc.
Ellipticals, Bikes, and Rowers – Lifetime Mechanical Parts Warranty. Customer is responsible for aligning belt so that it does not drift to the side and fray as this is not covered under warranty nor is other neglect, tears, spills, cuts, etc.

For all parts covered under lifetime warranty, customer is required to return the defective part before replacement parts can be sent. If part is not returned within 14 days, the customer will be charged the cost of the part plus shipping, HANDLING & INSURANCE. Customer is required to pay shipping, HANDLING & INSURANCE on all outbound warranty parts. If any product or part is damaged due to a lack of or improper maintenance, such item(s) will not be covered under warranty. In order for any part to be replaced under the lifetime warranty, the customer will be required to send a digital picture of the part and the part needing replacement for verification. It is important to save your invoice for future reference as this is your proof for warranty coverage.

In some cases, exterior components may be sent that can be replaced without the need of a technician. These parts are interchangeable and in most cases, are very simple to replace. In an effort to avoid unnecessary delays with technician scheduling, our company policy is such that we attempt to walk the customer through replacing parts over the phone. Some parts are more labor intensive and involved and in such cases a technician will be required to install these parts. Our service representative will make this determination after a telephone support is first attempted. Customers residing outside of our service provider’s coverage network are eligible for a $75 credit and will be required to contact and pay a tech in their own local area. All new, certified pre-owned and demo units are eligible for our Lifetime Extended Parts Warranty as outlined on our website. Any parts not covered under our lifetime warranty, we will assist in providing parts at special discounted prices.

Manufacturer’s warranty and extended lifetime warranty are valid as long as the manufacturer is still in business and able to provide parts. In the event a manufacturer goes out of business and cannot provide parts, warranty cannot be fulfilled and Fit 4 Less USA LLC shall not be held responsible for said warranty.

For warranties that include free labor, we provide free labor for parts that are covered under our lifetime part warranty as defined herein a result of routine use and wear and tear and customer is responsible for a trip fee if applicable which may vary based on your location for a technician to drive to their location or customer can ship the product back to our warehouse at their cost and we will cover the cost of labor. The customer is responsible for return shipping cost. For Preventive Maintenance packages that are purchased, we will provide up to one free preventive maintenance per year at no cost to the customer. The customer is responsible for a trip fee if applicable or they can ship the unit back to our warehouse and we will provide service at no charge. The customer is responsible for return shipping cost.